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Core Competency


Diverse and Advance Functions: Base on its solid business foundation, PAI will offer the following diverse and advanced functions.

Expertise in Business Creation:-

For developing new business -
We will need to excel in business creation, which involves identifying promising new products, developing new markets, and organizing appropriate business operations.

Expertise in Developing Logistics:-

For handling the flow of goods -
In addition to the ability to provide a wide range of integrated logistic services, we will need to have the capacity to develop and deploy services to match demand and supply of cargoes, trucks, and warehouse space.

Expertise in Financial Services:-

For handling the flow of money -
This includes fee collection/payment, provision of capital, project financing and advanced financing services such as securitization of assets.

Expertise in IT:-

For leveraging IT -
This involves the ability to build Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems and to support network business.

Expertise in Risk Management: -

For managing a variety of risks -
Only an integrated trading company with business experience can expertly manage diverse risks associated with credit standing, markets, and enterprise operations. PAI will integrate its solid business foundation with diverse and advanced functions to undertake a broad range of businesses